Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our beautiful birth plan. Jadi kenyataan tak?

Husband bercadang untuk saya bersalin di SALAM Medical Centre kali ini.. lagi 2 minggu appointmentnya insyaAllah. Setelah menggoogle, doktor yang menyambut kelahiran adalah doktor perempuan. Doktor pengganti pun perempuan, alhamdulillah.

Tapi rasanya doktor tu tak akan terima birth plan saya yang teramat demand ni. Hasil menggugel, beberapa ibu menceritakan pengalaman bersalin di situ dengan kaki diangkat a.k.a digantung? Oh tidak.. Tak boleh terima cara bersalin macam tu huhu.

Whatever pun, saya tetap akan bincangkan birth plan ni dengan doktor tu. Dan berdoa semoga Allah lembutkan hati doktor yang baik hati tu untuk membantu saya bersalin dengan mudah dan tanpa rasa sakit. Amiiiinnn..



We have chosen the 
natural childbirth without unnecessary interventions/ the use of drugs. We understand that these choices presume a normal pregnancy and birth. Should there be a medical emergency, we will give our full cooperation after we have had an opportunity for clear and adequate explanation. We would appreciate it if….. 
During 1st Stage Labor
·         Quiet & private room, dimmed lights
·         Drawn drapes/ closed door at all times
·         Min. staff (1 or 2) are present at any one time
·         Staff knock before entering
·         Play own music tapes
·         No suggestion of anesthetic/ analgesics unless requested

·       No continuous EFM unless medically necessary. If it needs to be done – prefer to use a Fetal Doppler

·         Freedom to change positions for comfort & progress in labor
·         Freedom to walk & move or use birthing ball
·         Allowed to maintain energy level by eating and drinking and relaxing

·   Not to have ANY VE unless absolutely necessary – with permission – to avoid premature release of membranes

·         If baby and mother are well, lets baby decide his/ her own due date- pregnancy reach the end of term at 42 weeks
·         Natural oxytocin stimulation – nipple/ clitoral stimulation – and to be accorded the uninterrupted privacy to do so
·         No Pitocin/ amniotomy without discussion
·  To be fully apprised & consulted before introduction of any medical procedure

During 2nd Stage Labor
During 3rd Stage Labor
·         Allow to birth in ANY position mother feel comfortable that will least likely require an episiotomy– all fours/ upright/ leaning etc
·         Gentle encouragement during final pushing stage without loud “pushing”
·       Give mother time to breath out baby naturally - no pushing to prevent tear

·         Spontaneous or encouraged with breast stimulation and nursing baby (breastfeeding)
·         No routine Syntocinon injection, cord traction, Pitocin or manual removal of placenta unless there is evidence of excessive postpartum bleeding

·         Not to have an episiotomy. Pressure episiotomy only if necessary with permission
·  Local anesthesia for repair of tears/ episiotomy

·         Air-cond temporarily turn down/ switch off
·         Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; delay cleaning/ rubbing
·         Baby to remain with mother & father for the 1st hour after birth (bath, weighing, measuring etc can be done after this)
·         Breastfeeding only. Strictly no bottle, formula or pacifier
·         The father will follow wherever the baby goes to after birth

·         Allow father to ‘catch’ baby and to hold baby immediately after the birth
·         Use of suction device rather than forceps if medically necessary
·         Delay Cord clamping – wait until cord stops pulsating to allow baby to receive the valuable blood and iron stores. Father will cut the cord.
·         Immediate skin-to-skin contact with baby on mother’s stomach/ chest. No wrapping of baby.
·         Privacy for father, baby and mother immediately after the birth for at least an hour

·         For discussion to be respectful and minimal - only what is required medically and to inform us of what is happening
·         Unless prevented by medical emergency, baby have to be placed on mother’s chest while you complete the procedure
·         To be sure that a double layer suture is used and not a single layer in order to improve mother’s chances for a future VBA2C
·         For the cord to stop pulsating before clamping for reasons mentioned
·         Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby’s skin; delay cleaning/ rubbing
·         The opportunity to breastfeed baby in recovery

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding to support our choices in anticipation of a beautiful and natural birth. Please sign our birth plan in good faith that it has been read, will be treated respectfully and that we have your support in all of the above.

........................................                                                                        .........................................
(Doctor chop & sign)                                                                           (Parents)

2 000 org yg bertuah:

raja zubaidah raja sabaradin said...

jue hari tu tak tau pun pasal birth plan ni. kaki tergantung kt besi tapi tak selesa, so paksa Dr utk benarkan kaki diangkat tnp bantuan.

nak breastfeed baby pun tak kesempatan sbb lalok dengan painkiller. tidur hampir 3 jam lepas deliver.

tak lama lagi kan? all the best for the 2nd baby!

taufik maria said...

tq jue.. jue bersalin kat SALAM ke ritu? rase cam tpt lain, kan? xtaw la doktor terima tak birth plan ni huhu

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