Friday, February 8, 2013

global food production goes to waste?

~*~*Nutrinews: Did you know up to half of global food production goes to waste?*~*~

According to the Global FoodWaste Not, Want Not “report, there are estimated 1-1.2 billion tons of produced food are wasted before reaching human stomach, globally. The food appearance was accounted for the 1.6 million tons of food waste annually, where consumer threw away 30-50% of food that they bought.

This figure does not reflect the fact that the huge loss also includes land, energy, fertilizers and water during the production of foodstuffs as they merely end up as waste. This is a tragedy that cannot be continued if we were to succeed in the challenge of sustainably meeting our future food demands. Hence, report suggests governments in developed countries should implement policies to change consumer expectations and attitudes to food waste.

To prevent the level of food wastage and the sustainability of food supply, think twice before purchasing any food. Take only what you can eat on your plate. This is to avoid excess food ending up in the bin.


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